Saturday 25th June: Bookshop Crawl


So this blog post is a little late, but I’d still like to talk about this year’s bookshop crawl which I took part in.

So on the morning of the 25th of June, I set off to crawl the bookshops of London. I’d like to say it all went as planned, but unfortunately torrential rain and my phone battery dying on me did delay the crawl which meant I didn’t get to visit as many bookshops as I would have liked to.

My first stop was Nomad Books, a beautiful little bookshop in Fulham. I had never been here before, despite being near to where I live, and I was honestly so happy to find it. It smelt lovey and book-ish and they even have a book club which I’d love to join!

First stop! @nomadbooks #IBW2016 #BookShopCrawl

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It was here that I  thought I’d treat myself to this beautiful copy of ‘Go Set a Watchman’ which I am so excited to read! ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ was probably one of the only books we studied in English that I actually enjoyed during my whole time at school.

It also meant I managed to tick off one of the points in the Bookshop Crawl Challenge (locate a book with an orange cover!).”

Next, I headed over to central London where I found Stanfords in Covent Garden, a bookshop dedicated to maps and world travel (as evident by the epic map floors).

@stanfords #IBW2016 #BookShopCrawl

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It was around this time that, first, my phone ran out of battery, and, secondly,  it started raining like crazy and so I had to seek shelter in a Pret for a very long time so by the time I reached Goldsboro Books, it was shut!

Dun dun dun... Goldsboro Bookshop! #IBW2016 #IBW2016 #BookCrawl

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And then… it started raining again! *welcome to London summers*. As well as this, it was Pride weekend and I managed to get caught in the mass hubbub of people as I rushed to Southbank’s branch of Foyles.

Here, many books caught my eye as I  hid from the rain , although unfortunately they didn’t catch the eye of my bank balance!

So I headed on over to The National Theatre. I hadn’t even known that they had a specialised bookshop in there so it was very cool. It was filled with plays, theatre books, and play analyses.

As I was meeting friends in Waterloo, I crossed over to the station’s Foyles where, again, I had a little look around.

And just as I was ending my Bookshop Crawl, I caught sight of Travelling Through… which was unfortunately shut but which I would love to actually visit when it’s open as it has a cafe and lounge!

#ibw2016 #BookShopCrawl

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I had so much fun exploring London through bookshops and doing what I love doing most, browsing for books! It would have been a lot more fun were I to have had some company along the way, but hey – next time, eh?

Thanks for reading and thanks to all my new followers for following 😀

Until next time,

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