A Little Christmas Message + TBT#9: Scribbleboy by Philip Ridley

tbt 9

A Little Christmas Message

So I know sometimes how hard it is when people are telling you to “be happy, it’s Christmas!” and you just can’t. But try and distract yourself as much as you can. Do things you enjoy, read a book (eh!), watch a film or binge on some shows – whatever it takes. And try and relax as much as possible! I mean it’s not every day you get to watch endless movies over a period of time without feeling guilty!

And of course, eat yummy food and spend plenty of time with family and friends.

I wish all my lovely readers a happy holidays and a merry Christmas!

And now on with the show!

TBT #9: Scribbleboy by Philip Ridley


I really like Philip Ridley, not because he wrote Kindlebrax (that’s the book we read in year 3) but because he has really imaginative ideas for his stories. I can’t believe Scibbleboy (well, Scribblegirl) was actually Tiffany, Monty’s fionce [sic] (now his wife), at the beggining, end [sic] I thought it was Bailey’s ancestors, since Bailey was as good as scribbling as Scribblegirl.

I would never want a mum like Ziggy’s who every time she feels she needs cheering up or feels like it puts on disco music and makes everyone dance by saying things like “Come on!”, “Let’s shimmy and shake!”, “Strutt your stuff!” .

But not only,that, every character in the book has their own way of speaking.


Nice chant at the end there I guess!?

I tended to go on many tangents and just leave them abruptly and move on to the next one.  I hope I’m not like that still!

Anywho. Last Throwback Thursday of 2015! (I’ve got something a little different for next week)

Hasta luego,

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TBT #8:The Haunting of Ellen by Martin Waddell

tbt 8

Eight-year-old Nadia has left the building! For the new batch of throwbacks, I have included some book reviews I had to do for school (hence the marking). These were completed in 2007 where I would have been ten years old.




I think this fiction book is the best i’ve ever read because it’s mixed with fiction present and fiction past.

I wonder if the old local legend is actually true, I think it is true because I can’t believe that the author Martin Waddel [sic] made up such a credulous legend. I would not like to bump into a ghost or want a ghost giving me images of when she/he was alive, like what happened to Ellen.

I like the way Martin(author) dind’t [sic] tell you what was happening to Ellen until the end of the story but he did give you little clues along the way.It would be great if there was a dark secret in a legend that no one kew  [sic] and my friends and I could investigate. If I belonged to the Mooney family I would be sick with all of the younger children moaning all the time.


Great conclusion Nadia. “I would be sick” – what?!?

Oh well, at least my spelling was alright eh?

Hasta luego,

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#TBT 7: Mr Majeika and the Lost Spell Book by Humphrey Carpenter

tbt 7


It is about…

A wizard who becomes a teacher but then gets sacked for using his majic [sic] when he wasn’t sopoesed [sic] to. Bad for him because he then looses his spell book the only way to get his powers back is to find the map wich [sic] leeds [sic] to the old back door.

What sticks out most in my mind is…

When Hamish Bigamore is doing the wizzard  test and hets all the questions wrong.


Spelling, oh Nadia, SPELLING! What on Earth is “sopoesed”?

Pity follow for 8-year-old-Nadia?!

Hasta pronto,

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#TBT 6: The Story of Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson

tbt 6



It is about…

Some of Tracy Beaker’s life hard and difficult life

What sticks out most in my mind is…

When Tracy lies and sais[sic] that she hasn’t ber broken Justine’s clock an but then sais[sic] the truth (But she still sais[sic] she han’t[sic] done it) .


SAYS, Nadia, it’s says with a Y! Is it just me who took ages to learn that?

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TBT #5 : A Monster of a Hamster by Elizabeth Hawkins

tbt 5

Sorry for the lack of normal book review posts, I’m currently bugged down with coursework! I’ll try and do one as soon as possible!

So for now… another throwback Thursday review…

A Monster of a Hamster by Elizabeth Hawkins 



It is about…

A girl and boy have called Anna-Louise and Luke have to look after the class pet for the Holiday but they loose[sic] it and think up a great plan but have to tell the twins David and Delia the teachers pet.

What sticks out most in my mind is…

When Anna-Louise, Luke, David and Delia have caught the hamster and sneek[sic] into the school to exchange it from the pretend one!


I’m not sure that ‘about’ summary made the most sense, but I’ve improved much since then..right? (Right?!)

Also fyi, according to Google:

Loose: “not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached”

Lose: ” become unable to find”

She’ll learn the difference one day…
(Took me a while though!)

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#4 TBT: The Secret Life of Jamie B: Rapstar by Ceri Worman

tbt 4



It is about…

A boy called Jaimie who wants to be a wraper[sic] but a girl from South America comes to visit and he has to look after her for a week!!! She gives him a deal and they work on it as soon as Jamie finds a note on his book.

What sticks out most in my mind  is…

When Jaimie B and Maria X are talking in the streets but end up lip to lip (kissing!)


I was clearly unsure as to whether the character was called Jamie or Jaimie – oh Nadia!

Oh, and did he wrap presents for a living? Is that what I was trying to say?! HAHA

Until another time…

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#3 TBT: Arthur Rocks with Binky by Marc Brown

tbt 3


#3 TBT: Arthur Rocks by Marc Brown


It is about…

a bear called Arthur who is really excited about his best band BINKY comming[sic] to town but when he gets his tickets hes[sic] at the back row! When hes[sic] dad says Arthur can come backstage with him hes[sic] really excited then he find[sic] out that BINKY is not real.

What sticks out most in my mind is…

When Arthur tries to share Ryras[sic] hand it goes all wobbly and Arthur and his friends get dizzy.

Punctuation and apostrophes really did elude me… you’ll learn little Nadia, you will learn…

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TBT #2: The Worry Website by Jacqueline Wilson


For those of you new here, this is a look back at 9-year-old Nadia’s book reviews.

So we return with the second instalment in this ‘Throwback Thursday’ series with The Worry Website by Jacqueline Wilson!



It is about…

Different peoples worrys[sic] that were typed in the worry website and commented on by people in Mr. Speed’s class.

What sticks out in my mind is…

Holly and Natashas sad worries about stepmothers, stepfathers, disabled people.

Clearly I didn’t have my apostrophe game up to scratch at that time!

Until next time…

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TBT #1: The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy


So basically, when I was younger I went to this thing called ChatterBooks where we – brace yourself – talked about books!

While clearing up I’ve recently found a bunch of old ChatterBooks book reviews which I must’ve written when I was about eight or nine. So instead of letting them rot, I’ve decided I’ll post one every Thursday in a sort of ‘Throwback Thursday’. So here goes, the first installment in my TBT series… (let’s hope I don’t regret this!!)

The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy



It is about…
A girl witch called Mildred who is really bad at flying her broom and always gets told off but one day saves the school from being turned into frogs by a group of wicked witches.

What sticks out most in my mind is…
When it is the display, Mildred’s broom has sticky tape on it so she borows[sic] Ethel’s but Ethel put a spell on it.