TBT #8:The Haunting of Ellen by Martin Waddell

tbt 8

Eight-year-old Nadia has left the building! For the new batch of throwbacks, I have included some book reviews I had to do for school (hence the marking). These were completed in 2007 where I would have been ten years old.




I think this fiction book is the best i’ve ever read because it’s mixed with fiction present and fiction past.

I wonder if the old local legend is actually true, I think it is true because I can’t believe that the author Martin Waddel [sic] made up such a credulous legend. I would not like to bump into a ghost or want a ghost giving me images of when she/he was alive, like what happened to Ellen.

I like the way Martin(author) dind’t [sic] tell you what was happening to Ellen until the end of the story but he did give you little clues along the way.It would be great if there was a dark secret in a legend that no one kew  [sic] and my friends and I could investigate. If I belonged to the Mooney family I would be sick with all of the younger children moaning all the time.


Great conclusion Nadia. “I would be sick” – what?!?

Oh well, at least my spelling was alright eh?

Hasta luego,

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