TBT #5 : A Monster of a Hamster by Elizabeth Hawkins

tbt 5

Sorry for the lack of normal book review posts, I’m currently bugged down with coursework! I’ll try and do one as soon as possible!

So for now… another throwback Thursday review…

A Monster of a Hamster by Elizabeth Hawkins 



It is about…

A girl and boy have called Anna-Louise and Luke have to look after the class pet for the Holiday but they loose[sic] it and think up a great plan but have to tell the twins David and Delia the teachers pet.

What sticks out most in my mind is…

When Anna-Louise, Luke, David and Delia have caught the hamster and sneek[sic] into the school to exchange it from the pretend one!


I’m not sure that ‘about’ summary made the most sense, but I’ve improved much since then..right? (Right?!)

Also fyi, according to Google:

Loose: “not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached”

Lose: ” become unable to find”

She’ll learn the difference one day…
(Took me a while though!)

IMG - Copy


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