TBT #1: The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy


So basically, when I was younger I went to this thing called ChatterBooks where we – brace yourself – talked about books!

While clearing up I’ve recently found a bunch of old ChatterBooks book reviews which I must’ve written when I was about eight or nine. So instead of letting them rot, I’ve decided I’ll post one every Thursday in a sort of ‘Throwback Thursday’. So here goes, the first installment in my TBT series… (let’s hope I don’t regret this!!)

The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy



It is about…
A girl witch called Mildred who is really bad at flying her broom and always gets told off but one day saves the school from being turned into frogs by a group of wicked witches.

What sticks out most in my mind is…
When it is the display, Mildred’s broom has sticky tape on it so she borows[sic] Ethel’s but Ethel put a spell on it.


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